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A Divine Solution to Your Problems

Rainie’s Coaching Program Is for You If:

  • You’re single, married, in a relationship, or have experienced a separation, divorce or bereavement, and want guidance in relationships and learning to love yourself.
  • You’re seeking coaching & support in accomplishing your personal & professional goals.
  • You’re building a business & need guidance in strategic marketing and planning.
  • You desire to be a successful, self-published author, & need mentorship in the process.
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Here’s What Rainie Offers

Secrets to Manifesting Love

Looking for love? Friendships? A divine business partner? This program is focused on cultivating strong relationships of all kinds. You’ll also learn how to use discernment, read energy, & more.

Secrets to Manifesting Money

With this program, you’ll learn how to multiply your income, understand the law of compensation, grow your business, pay your bills, and experience success all while loving life.

Rainie Howard

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Here’s What Rainie’s Clients Have to Say

“Rainie Howard has helped me tremendously. I’ve read her books and I've done all of the coaching programs she's offered, and I must say, I know my value and my worth now,and it's because of her words and knowledge. God is truly using her to reach people! Thank you again Rainie for helping me through such a rough time in my life.”

Wendy Rice.

“Rainie’s coaching program has been a huge blessing. I've applied the skills I've learned from her,including how to transform my situation by speaking affirmations, and how toplan strategically. She has kept my spirit lifted! Since I started coaching with Rainie, I've been receiving new job offers and business deals.”

Jasmine A

“Rainie’s words brought thoughts of the endless possibilities available to everyone who desires to be successful through endurance, vision, faith, and dedication. I definitely recommend Rainie as a coach and speaker who has a gift that will capture an audience of any age, background, and profession like never before.”

Falencia Moore

About Rainie Howard

Rainie Howard is an award-winning author, lifestyle strategist and relationship expert who helps others evolve through lessons of love, wellness & wealth consciousness.

Rainie Howard is the founder of "Rainie Howard Enterprises"-- a Limited Liability Company (LLC) global e-commerce retail, media and publishing firm that sells high demand products and services online across multiple content delivery platforms including books, e-courses, video/film, publishing services and events.

Rainie Howard is the host and producer of "The Rainie Howard Show." The show has over 317,000 views and over 1.3 million impressions on YouTube. The Rainie Howard Show" empower viewers through inspiring stories and motivational messages.

In 2015, Rainie Howard and her husband, Patrick, launched Real Love Exist-a movement that advocates for healthy personal and interpersonal relationships. In January 2016, the positive impact of this campaign inspired a series of six relationship and personal development books that guide women into living fulfilled lives. In April 2016, Addicted to Pain became one of Amazon's best-selling relationship-intervention books for women-and serves as the curriculum for Rainie's well-received relationship virtual courses.

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Coaching is a process. We strategize, plan and take bold action steps every week, or every couple of weeks, for several sessions before we review your progress and determine a long-term plan.

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